February 22, 2013

  • New blog…

    dear xangans…

    I never wanted to move, but it seems everyone else has, so I will be too… 

    I’m gradually transitioning to a new blog, and overtime will write on xanga less and less. (Depending on who reads this?)

    If you’d like my new blog address, leave a comment or send me a private message and I will reply to you with my new blog URL. 



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  • I’m a friend of Ted Kau’s. I enjoy reading your blog and am a nurse as well. I like that xanga emails me your posts. :/ I’d like your new URL but if I don’t get email notifications I may or may not check.

  • hi sophie, please sign me up too. hopefully your new blog sends your posts by email. i hope you have an opportunity to meet tiff, she has an amazing testimony. actually, numerous amazing testimonies. :) keep up the good work of ministering to people through your blog. blessings!

  • Hmmm, well, not “everyone” has moved. =)

    Hmph! Be that way then!

  • How come people don’t like Xanga much anymore?

  • hey I just moved to a new “home”… still trying to figure things out. visit my site tabahchoi.blogspot.com


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